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Video Gallery

Millennium II Obstacle Course

The Millennium II Obstacle Course is perfect for large events with a variety of different age participants. For the most part, kindergarteners through young adults fit the physical requirements to play. It features divided lanes to avoid contact between racers providing added safety. Because most kids like to race through in a competition with their friends, this unit has a high pass through rate and therefore a fast moving line.

It is shown in this video in a straight 60ft long configuration. It can also be modified with a 180 degree turn around section which lengthens the course by doubling it back on itself. (See next video)

Millennium II Obstacle Course with 180 Turnaround

The Millennium II Obstacle Course with 180 Turnaround adds more features and length to the Millennium II shown above. Still great for all the same reasons - just bigger!

On more notable difference with the turnaround section is that the entrance and exit are both at the front of the unit. This gives you more installation options.

Wacky World

Wacky World Obstacle Course is the all time favorite for elementary schools! Because kids work their way through from start to finish, there is no stopping to switch out one group for another. This lets it handle a higher number of kids in any given time frame. It easily accommodates kids from age 3 through 12 though it's primary fans are 3-10.

27ft Tropical Two Lane Waterslide

The Tropical 2 Lane Run 'N' Splash Combo features a radical sliding angle that's sure to get the adrenaline pumping as riders scream down the giant Tropical Slide. At the bottom, riders continue down 36' of additional sliding fun before landing in the splash down pool! This combo water slide will blow your mind! This unit is perfect for schools, churches and summer camps. A pre-reservation site inspection is required for this unit. Additional fees will apply.

Cliff Jump

Are you brave enough to scale the cliff and jump off the rocky summit? Climb up the narrow stairs then jump off the cliff! A red bulls eye shows you exactly where to jump into the super soft Zero Shock landing zone.
The Zero Shock landing system is based on a series of vertical pillar shaped inflated air bags that work like giant shock absorbers, creating a soft cushioning effect similar to jumping into water.
Rate includes one operator provided by Jolly Jumps. One additional attendant required.