Customer Privacy Policy | Jolly Jumps of STL St. Louis MO.

Policies and Procedures


We will have your rental set up by your event start time. Your delivery will be one of several on a route so it is not unusual for us to be much earlier than your scheduled time (potentially several hours or even the day before.) This does not effect your cost or event end time. We will send you a text the day before your event that will give you a delivery window so you know what to expect. Please make sure someone over the age of 18 will be home at this time.

Most deliveries vehicles are pickup trucks towing enclosed cargo trailers. Please make sure there a space available for them to park when they arrive. If you live on a dead end street they must have a place to turn around. These vehicles are very heavy when loaded and are not allowed to drive on grass/dirt unless prior arrangements have been approved. Please do not ask drivers to do this as they do not have the authority to make that decision.

Make sure there is a clear path at least four feet wide from the truck to your set up area. If there are any hills, steps, or gates under 42 inches along this path, please call our office immediately to make sure we will be able to get your particular item set up safely. If you have a sprinkler system please make sure it is turned off and lines are marked or someone who can approve where we will be driving stakes will be there. Jolly Jumps of St. Louis is not responsible if a stake hits an irrigation line as we have no way of knowing where they are. Please clear the set up area of any rocks, sharp objects and animal waste. We cannot set up on dirt, rock, sand or mulch. It is against Code to set up under any type of utility lines, regardless of height. Make sure you look up when choosing your set up location. Most items require access to electricity within 100 feet of the set up area. We will provide the extension cords. Make sure nothing else is plugged into this circuit to avoid tripping breakers. If you have reserved a water slide or wet combo, you need to provide a garden hose that will reach from the inflatable to the water source,


Residential Cancellation Policy:

Deposits are refundable for cancellation made at least two weeks prior to the date of event for all reasons other than weather.

Jolly Jumps may cancel reservations in the event of severe weather, high winds, rain or any other unsafe conditions. Customers who wish to cancel due to weather must due so by 8pm the evening before their reservation.